1. The Adventures of Fred the Frog
Fred the Frog was a completely normal frog, So it may seem. What nobody really knew, was that Fred had a superpower. He was a superfrog. Fortunately, his power had never to be used because Fred and his family lived in a peaceful place, without any other animals which would like to eat some nice, fresh, frog meat.

2. A Haunted House
Laura didn't like the idea of spending her next holidays with her parents. What's more, her father had a brilliant idea to go somewhere in the countryside. He was successful to find a cottage in the miiddle of nowhere. Just the house, the landlord who visited every Sunday, and a lot of fresh air. The mother especially liked the fact that there was no signal in the place which meant they wouldn't be able to use their mobiles or the Internet. Laura didn't really look forward to talking to her parents all days long. Yet, she was only sixteen and there wasn't much she could do.

3. Lucky Escape
"Can we really make it?" Richard asked.
"I guess we can, if we try hard enough." Rebecca's voice was definitely firmer than her mate's.
The night was getting closer but it didn't mean their task was easier. On the contrary, it made it more difficult to do everything in and on time. The woman turned her head to her partner.
"Remember, first the door, then the guards."
"I will." Robert has just reloaded his gun. "Let's go!"
They started to the door.

4. The Adventures of Doctor James Smith
James Smith was an ordinary doctor. He didn't really like his job but he loved the people. He was patient with all their fake medical problems, he listened to them smiling and was always polite.
One day, however, he met a person who made him experience the best adventure of his life. The man phoned doctor Smith on a Sunday evening. From his words, the doctor concluded that the patient might have a serious problem. Even though it was quite cold outside, James knocked on the heavy, wooden door at 15 Smirk Avenue.

5. "I woke up and didn't know where I was...”
Saturday night usually means that I go out. I have a pack of good friends and we always go to the same pub to start the night out. Generally, after we've drunk enough we decide to change places. Mostly, we go to a nearby club where we dance and try to pick up some girls. I don't usually remember how and when I get home, but I'm happy that I wake up in my bed.
One Sunday, however, I woke up and didn't know where I was.

6. The Day Music Died
The police were everywhere. They arrested every single man who was involved in music. They took away their instruments, they closed recording studios, rehearsal rooms and concert halls. People either gave their stereo systems away or hid them carefully. There were no radio stations and the only TV channel was the one controlled by the regime. Soon, all people could hear were the endless politicians' lies.
Chris liked it, he had always loved silence. Finally, his life was about to improve.

7. Simon Only Wanted to Relax
Simon only wanted to relax. Was it really that much to ask? Every day when he came back home from work, his children were in the middle of a uncontrollable mess. His wife, easy and quiet, never seemed to care about the volume the boys were producing. Simon had enough. He kissed his wife and kids goodbye and left.

8. A Dog, a Kangaroo And a Panda
The Magnificent Three: a Dog, a Kangaroo and a Panda. Nobody knows their real names, where they came from, where they lived or how they knew about the dangers. One was for certain, they fought the evil in this world. Their weapons were so exquisite that only they knew how to use them, their enemies always met a terrible end. Yet, every now and then a new villain wanted to prove that he was going to fight the Magnificent Three and therefore take control over the world.

9. He Came To Me With a Rose
"Father, how am I going to know if a man really loves me?" Miranda asked, her eyes shiny with tears.
"I don't know, darling. I guess it's in what he does for you." although he was lying on his deathbed, he never quit giving his best to his daughter.
"How long will I wait, Father?"
"I don't know, darling. I guess as long as necessary."
Miranda didn't want to ask any more questions, her Father's voice became somewhat lighter and she wanted him to relax. Her thoughts turned to the nearest future, when he will be gone and there won't be any man by her, any shoulder to lean on.

10. One Handshake Too Many
Martin was sitting in a chair, tied to it with a thick rope. His eyes hurt, he could barely see. In his mouth he could feel the sweet taste of blood, his nose was filled with the smell of sweat. He could hardly remember how he got to this place, one thing was certain, meeting and doing business with Robert was a big mistake. The gentlemen must have shared one handshake too many.

11. She Knocked On The Door And Opened It Slowly
Lisa has always been overprotective. Yet, she had her reasons. Finding your own father bathed in vomit, hardly alive and smelling like a dustbin definitely leaves a trace in your life. She had the same feeling about her boyfriend. Even though he was a decent man, he had started experimenting with drugs. One time, when he wasn't answering her phone calls for three days in a row, she decided to pay him a visit. She knocked on the door and opened it slowly.

12. In A Dark Forest Silence Brings Nightmares
"Keep calm, breathe and concentrate." I kept telling myself. It didn't really matter how hard I tried, I still couldn't figure out where I was. This forest was so immense!
It was getting darker and I started to lose hope if I was going to find my way out. I felt through my veins that I would need to spend the night among these tall, dark trees. I found a small hole in the ground, yet big enough for me to fit in. I felt somewhat safe, yet the darkness was terrifying. Suddenly, I thought I heard a noise.

13. I Feared Every Knock On My Door
I didn't do it but I was the only one who knew and believed the truth. All the others wanted to burn me alive. They waited at the door, shouted through the windows, organized watches. Their only goal was to get me alive, then give me a fake trial and kill me in the most sophisticated way. Long and painful death - they really liked it. But for now they've only achieved one thing, I feared every knock on my door.

14. We Expected A Nice Trip
Five good friends, four drivers, big and safe car. This holiday trip seemed to be perfect. We got in the vehicle, turned on some great music and set off for the seaside. We didn't reach the outskirts of the city when we got stuck in the longest traffic jam ever. After three hours of almost no advance, we decided to send one of us ahead to see how long distance we were still to cover. He went out about an hour ago, his mobile was with us, there was no sign of him. We became quite worried.

15. A Road Which Shouldn't Be Taken
Violet was a very attractive girl. It was a curse and a blessing. On one hand, it seemed to be very easy for her to make other people, especially men, do what she wanted, on the other hand, nobody believed she could be intelligent. She started college but her teachers always looked down on her which ended in her quitting. They must have been happy, but she decided to show them. First, she needed money, a lot of money, and the streets offered more than she could imagine. She started a brand new career.

16. Christmas Obsession
Dear Mathew,
I'm writing to you because I want to share something with you. Ever since I came to this city I can't believe what I see. Can you imagine that on Sundays people don't go to Church to praise our Lord but they visit these shopping malls? What a disgrace! What blasphemy! Now, just before Christmas, it's even worse. Very few people remember what this holiday is about, they only talk about presents, food and money. I can barely stand it. Let me tell you exactly what it looks like...

17. I Lost It! I Lost It!
"Mike! Throw me the knife!" Paul shouted with fear.
"I can't find it! I can't find it!" Mike was looking all over his clothes.
"What?!" Paul swore and pushed against the door harder.
"Mike, either throw me the knife or we run as fast as we can!"
Paul let the door open and the swarn of zombies could easily get out of the building. As they were running, Paul tripped and fell. It didn't take long for the undead to feast on him. Mike was terrified, he kept shouting through tears: "I lost it! I lost it!"

18. Old Man Dying
He couldn't do many things any more. He was weak and he felt his mind was also not that bright as it used to be. A lot of people came and went, a lot of people with fake smiles and trivial questions occupied his time. What was he supposed to say to them if he hadn't seen them for more than 30 years. He hoped they hadn't shown up because of his fortune, yet he knew this hope was all in vain. One day, however, a guest came, someone he wouldn't have expected to see anymore after theyd graduated from high school. Gosh, she was still beautiful!