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Jest to blog Bartosza Goździeniaka.


Posted by Bartosz Goździeniak
Bartosz Goździeniak
An English teacher and proud of it.
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on piątek, 11 październik 2013 in Learning English

Ultimate killer

Nothing is as powerful in slowing down your progress in learning English and lowering the pleasure you take from it as stress. It makes you feel uncomfortable, quiet and shy, very often it can even make you quit learning at all.GroundsI've never been able to identify the reasons for stress correctly. It's so personal, every single student has a different story. Yet, with a little help of statistics, I can give you the ones which occur most often.


People are used to the fact that, in modern world, when you want something you usually get it fast. Unfortunately, that's not the case with learning English. It simply takes time. Don't get impatient and feel stressed because you've just started and still don't understand the articles on the BBC website. Simply wait and appreciate the things you can already do with your English. Be it checking in in a hotel, asking for directions or doing shopping, not a long time ago you wouldn't have been able to do that at all!


Students sometimes get stressed because they feel uncomfortable with the pace of the lesson. Seldom do I hear remarks that I should speed things up. The reason behind me speaking too fast is very simple. When I have classes with advanced students before the elementary ones, I sometimes forget to switch to 'slow English' mode. Instead of getting upset, just tell me about it. I'll always adjust to my students' level. That should happen with every English teacher in every English classroom.


So you've been learning for a long time, yet still can't understand an article you've just found on the Internet? Do you feel frustrated? Well, if yes, you shouldn't. The one fact we all ought to accept is that you'll never learn to understand any language in 100%. Do you know the medical or technical jargon in your native language? Probably not, so don't expect to do it in English. Relax, take a deep breath and consider every new situation a challenge. This way you'll soon learn more than you ever expected.


In order to limit the chances of stress spoiling your fun with learning English, I recommend you should do these things:

  • watch comedies, sitcoms, comedians in English – your brain will connect the language with having a good time and say good bye to stress,

  • take a deep breath and relax - learning English is fun, fun, fun,if you don't understand anything ask, ask, ask - nobody knows everything,

  • last but not least - learn English on a level appropriate for you, if it's too high you'll always feel stressed about it; when it's too low, you'll be bored.


The last point in my recommendations talks about being honest with yourself. I think I should write something more about it in my next post.


See you!

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