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Jest to blog Bartosza Goździeniaka.

Money! Money! Money!

Posted by Bartosz Goździeniak
Bartosz Goździeniak
An English teacher and proud of it.
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on wtorek, 25 marzec 2014 in Thoughts On Life

 Hi there!

As I promised, I'm going to write about interesting topics which I often discuss with my students. Today, I've picked the one which is the most interesting and the most important to lots of people - money. I'd like to show you my ideas, confront them with opinions of others and, last but not least, hear what you, dear readers, think about all this. Due to my location, I'm bound to discuss it as far as Poland is concerned.

Life on credit

First of all, I've often wondered how is it so that I can see people who aren't really well-off, or who don't have the best jobs in the world and yet, they drive fancy cars, go on holiday to exotic places and live in a very posh area. I may feel a little bit ashamed to admit I used to suppose these people must have an illegal source of income. In my narrow mind, I simply couldn't see any other option. Fortunately, my students opened my eyes to the fact that a lot of consumer goods are being bought on credit which then is never paid back. What a brilliant idea! And a simple one! Take as much credit as virtually possible and then die. What happens next is definitely not your concern. I've heard that when this is the case, the loans are paid back with taxpayers' money. Hard to believe, yet I wouldn't be surprised if that was true.

Life with credit

Secondly, I started to think why there are people who take so much credit that they can't pay the monthly installments later on simply because they don't earn enough money. Like, I can't really imagine or believe that these poor chaps don't have a calculator at home. Yet, when this happens, they open their eyes and blame the whole world for the situation. That their boss is greedy and doesn't pay enough, that the politicians steal and care only for themselves, that the bankers, and Jews, and Jehova witnesses, and Catholic priests are scums who take advantage of poor people. There is only one person to blame - you! Is it really your fault, however?


This is the moment, when I come to the core. The problem is not that people can't handle money, they've never been taught to. This is very noticeable in the generation who grew up in the communist times. Generally, their life was simple and they didn't have to make decisions about their future because the Party took care of all that. Now, things have turned round. You need to organize your home budget, keep an eye on the income and outcome, try predicting the future and be ready for the unexpected, and finally you'll have a nice life. On one hand it's quite easy, for someone who has had appropriate education, on the other hand, most people don't know a thing about money. Unfortunately, the latter group is the majority,

Self-employed vs full-time

Last but not least, I would like to write something about the difference people see money. For those who work full-time or part-time jobs, the amount of money the government takes away from them is not that obvious. It's simply because the employer takes care of their duties towards the state. When you work as a self-employed person, however, you have to do it on your own. It really opens your eyes to the extent we are robbed. Take this as an example.

John works full-time, gets 2000 PLN. He believes that's all the money he earns. In fact, his salary is around 3000 PLN, one-third disappears in the void of public money. Yet, John believes everything is OK, he's still got his 2000 right?

Mark is self-employed. He earns 3000 PLN. He has to pay almost 1000 to ZUS, and some tax too. He's left with 2000, the same amount as John, but he had to say goodbye to his 1000 himself.

Wouldn't it be better, if everybody got all the money they earn and then had to settle things with the state themselves? Wouldn't it then lead to public disorder, demonstrations, civil war? I might be overexaggerating, yet the matter is worth pondering over.


Time to finish this lengthy post about money. It took me quite some time to write, but I like it, I hope you too. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!


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