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Jest to blog Bartosza Goździeniaka.


Posted by Bartosz Goździeniak
Bartosz Goździeniak
An English teacher and proud of it.
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on poniedziałek, 19 sierpień 2013 in Learning English

Welcome back. Today, I'm going to discuss the importance of creativity in the process of learning English.



First of all, what is creativity? For me, it's the skill of thinking outside the box, having the heart to come up with the stupidest ideas, the most absurd solutions, silly questions. Let me give you an example of a creative student.


Creative Student

I once taught a boy whose task was to write an essay about his friend. I'd like to add that he was still in school so I expected a typical description of a John, a classmate. Yet, I was greatly surprised. I can still remember that that was the moment when I discovered how creative my student was. He described a character from his favourite computer game, set their friendship in the Vietnam war and wrote a really silly essay! Keep in mind, though, that it was extremeley good as far as English is concerned. I had great time reading this piece of writing.

I hope you now understand what creativity means to me. How does it help learn English?


Your world, your rules

Firstly, when you imagine yourself to be in a silly situation, one that is very unlikely, you don't feel the necessity of following any rules. In other words, you are totally free to do and say whatever you want. You made a mistake? So what? Your world, your rules. Yet, bear in mind that you are learning and mistakes are for the teacher to correct them and for you to remember the right language.



Secondly, creativity brings an element of humour in the learning process. What better way of relaxing than to laugh wholeheartedly. The better the mood, the faster the learning. What more do I need to say?


I've been there

Last but not least, creativity helps you imagine the situations and find context for various phrases. When you learn a new grammar tense, it's really useful to think of as many occasions as possible when you might use it.The more creative you are, the more situations you'll think about.


Thus, we came to talking about context. The fact that it is vital is beyond discussion. Yet, I'm going to write about it in my next post. For the time being I hope you'll all start practising creativity and using it in your everyday learning. Bye!


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