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Jest to blog Bartosza Goździeniaka.


Posted by Bartosz Goździeniak
Bartosz Goździeniak
An English teacher and proud of it.
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on środa, 01 maj 2013 in Learning English

Why do I want to write this blog?

This is my first post in my blog. I write it to help people learn English and discover the infinite chances which open once you've learned the language well enough to communicate.


The essential matter

Yet, is communication the most important thing? Not exactly. First of all, the crucial factor, is to master the learning techniques. There will come the day when a student leaves the classroom and has to deal with English on their own. A teacher's role is to equip them with appropriate tools which will help them continuously improve their skills whatever way they choose. This starts in the classroom.



The very first thing which I try to make my students consider is concentration. Focus really hard on what you're doing and forget about everything else. As long as you're in the classroom, there's nothing else in the whole world which could turn your attention away from the process of learning. Let me give you an example of how hard you should be focused.

I have a baby son. I like playing with him a lot. We do a lot of crazy things, every time we have the opportunity to spend time together I try to show him something new. What amazes me is his ability to pay a total 100% of his attention to what he's doing at the exact moment. We very often play with drumsticks, he hits various objects and does it really loudly. One day I showed him that empty yoghurt cups can serve as perfect drum kit as long as you set them in the right pattern. The moment he grasped that, he dropped the drumsticks and started arranging the cups in the pattern he had in mind. I called him his name, I tried to make him remember about the sticks which were lying on the floor around him, yet nothing worked. At that very time he was arranging the cups and that was all. This is the kind of attention we need in classroom.



I have to admit that even though my students are very often well concentrated, they do not listen or read what is being given to them, but imagine what they hear and read. This is the next topic which I'm going to cover in my blog. See you soon!

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